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Using Jquery UI Autocomplete to consume WCF Service

I had some problem when trying to use jQuery UI autocomplete to get the data from a WCF service, after browsing around i finally found a way to resolve it

In the jQueryUI autocomplete file:

  1. Change the code for jQuery UI autocomplete , by default it execute an ajax call with GET method, we need to change this to POST
  2. We need to change the default content type to “application/json”¬† or else there will be an exception when trying to access the WCF service
  3. The WCF service will try to deserialize the data that we sent and it expect the data that we sent is sent in JSON string format
    1. eq: {‘term’:’human’} and not ‘term=human’ to do this we can use JSON.stringify method that we can get from http://www.json.org/js.html
In the WCF service file:

We need to decorate  our method with this attribute

The javascript code

The jQuery UI that i use is version v1.8.14