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Happy new year 2012

Happy new year everyone!, this post arrive late Sad smile, well can’t help it since I got internet issues lately..

A lot of things happened for me in 2011, I got my first MCTS certification on web application using .NET 4, moved to a new boarding house with my wife, got a new job.. still in Bali though.

While some people on new years night go out partying or just hang out with friends, my wife and I decide to spend the night at Sanur beach. So we drove around 30 minutes away from home to get there, it was so crowded, a lot of people seems to had the same idea Smile. But we finally found a nice spot, where we spend an hour there watching the fireworks, to bad we didn’t bring any camera though, it was so beautiful.

Usually people make their new year’s resolution, well I got mine too.. one of them is to be able to post in this blog more frequently, looking back I only have around 6 post total in 2011 which probably because I think I should make a post related programming. Well.. that didn’t work too well for me, cause I didn’t know what to write, so hopefully I can post more frequently from now on even though is not about C# or ASP.NET.