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Sitecore Azure AppInsights CloudRoleName

If you’re planning to use Azure Application Insights for Sitecore, you’ll quickly found that the Application Map report is showing quite an unusual repots.


The mismatched number of instances reported aside, the server name being reported isn’t what I expected.

From inspecting the processor in the initialize pipeline from Sitecore, I can see the following.

This doesn’t quite match what the Microsoft documentation suggested. And I can confirm by going to the logs captured in App Insights that the cloud_RoleName value is not passed at all.

The fix is quite simple, just use the following code to register the right CloudRoleName

Soon after I can see the right role displayed in the App Insights Application Map Dashboard.


Now I have better visibility on the application dependencies and which area of my application that can be further optimized for performance.

Note: If you’re using Sitecore Experience Commerce, you’ll need to make some changes with the same approach in order to set the value for CloudRoleName as well.

Sitecore Commerce Server Connect.10.0.70.update package installation hangs

I had a strange issue where I previously able to successfully setup a couple of Sitecore Commerce 8.2.1 initial release instances then suddenly creating a new instance keeps failing.

To be exact, it was failing when trying to install┬áSitecore Commerce Server Connect.10.0.70.update package through the Sitecore update installation wizard page, it just keeps loading indefinitely. Changing the Sitecore log files to DEBUG mode and checking the Windows event log file doesn’t reveal anything. I do notice that memory consumption for the W3WP process is absurdly high in my local machine and it seems like something went wrong.

True enough, after debugging the W3WP process it reveals that the process throws a StackOverflow exception which stems from NewRelic Agent process that I’ve installed yesterday. Uninstalling the NewRelic Agent seems to fix this issue and I’m able to continue with the packages installation per normal.