A little more than a week ago the first SUGCON ANZ was held in Sydney and I had the opportunity to be one of the speakers.

There’s been few fantastic blog posts prior to this blog post which summarize the event quite well and have some references regarding the live event so I won’t be touching those. Instead, I’ll talk a little bit regarding the topic that I presented at this event.

My colleague Gitesh Shah and myself were co-presenting the topic “Accelerating your development team with Docker”. On the session we discussed about what Docker is and how you can run Sitecore in a Docker container in your local environment and see what developer experience looks like which involve deploying and debugging your code to Docker container.

We also included a quick demo on running SitecoreDocker containers in Kubernetes using Azure Kubernetes Service which currently has Windows container support in preview to give a glimpse of future possibilities to the audience.

I believe that with the current state, Docker is a great tool to use to streamline the developer experience around deploying and shipping code, even for Sitecore projects. If your organization hasn’t look into Docker before and how can it help your Sitecore projects development, I suggest to look into them now and start getting your development team familiarized with the the tool and how can it be applied to solve specific problems that you currently have.

There’s also been a great effort from the community around managing centralized Sitecore Docker repository in github which has all the Docker files to build Sitecore Docker images from version 8.2 to the current latest version of Sitecore. Although it’s not officially supported by Sitecore yet, the Sitecore community in Slack #docker channel will be able to help if you have any questions. Again, massive kudos to those folks that make the repository a reality.

My talk aside, it’s been a great experience to attend SUGCON ANZ 2019. I had a chance to meet different people I’ve worked with in the past 10 years. I had the chance to meet new people from the community who’s passionate about Sitecore and software engineering in general. I also got the chance to meet with the Sitecore Rockstars such as Alex Shyba, Akshay Sura, Mike Reynolds in person among other people.

I’d also like to thank AKQA for giving me the opportunity to attend SUGCON this year and come out of it with a great experience.

I’m looking forward to attend SUGCON next year, this time in Melbourne 🙂


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