Sitecore 8 WFFM MVC – Form Report display no data

We’re using Sitecore 8 update 2 and WFFM 8.0 rev. 150224, the issue that we have is that no matter how often we input the form data and submits it, the form report in Sitecore backend keeps saying that there’s no data to display. Checking in to the analytics database in MongoDB also shows empty FormData collection.

Long story short after contacting Sitecore support, it seems that we need to add the following code

It’s mandatory to put that bit of code in your layout so that Sitecore analytics can work properly. It also reminds me of an issue that I had with a similar fix

While investigating this issue I also found a couple of things that can help you test your WFFM forms

  • Any submitted form data will be flushed after the session has expired which by default the session timeout is 20 minutes, for quick testing purposes we can change the value which is specified in the web.config to for example 2 minutes

  • In the Sitecore.Forms.Config file which you can find under the App_Config/Include folder, there’s a setting to limit how often can a user submits the form which by default it limit each user to submit 2 form submissions under 1 minute or 100 form submissions under 60 minute. For testing purposes you can for example change the setting to 20 form submissions under 1 minute.

  • If you want to test WFFM in production environment where setting the session to timeout in 2 minutes is not possible, you can clear the browser cookies to force browser session to end SC_ANALYTICS_GLOBAL_COOKIE , SC_ANALYTICS_SESSION_COOKIE and ASP.NET_SessionId. Or you can implement a custom functionality to force browser session end through URL query string such as what has been done here

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