Sending out Microsoft Search Server failed crawl messages

What i want to do is to build an app that send out an email every time there’s a failed crawl operation when we trigger the crawling operation against a service service application. After reading about it, it seems there are no configuration in the Microsoft Search Server that provide this out of the box.

Instead i found out that you could use the PowerShell to perform administrative task. From getting the search service application of a farm, add it, delete it, and other kind of tasks, read more about the cmdlets available in the documentation.

With this knowledge I’m set to build is a simple script to get the current error message from today’s crawl operation and then send the results through an email. This script will be triggered daily by a task scheduler.

I have no experience on coding on PowerShell before and luckily i found some existing script that i can just tweak a bit to do just what i want.

The PowerShell script that I’ve tweaked.

This script will be executed by a batch script which in turn is setup to run every day by a Task Scheduler.

The end result would be like this


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