TDS for Sitecore

Team Development System for Sitecore is one of the best thing that happened to me in developing with Sitecore and here’s why.

Checkout the following diagram from 


it says it all. There’s no more manual packaging and deploying that package to the target environment. Instead we as a team manage our changes through the source control system



Comparing the changes through the source control history –the display depends on the merge tool that you use, i’m using WinMerge in this case.

And when we’re planning to do deployment to target environment we just need to make sure that we set that in the project properties and TDS will take care of the rest.


Like one of my colleague said, “i can’t imagine developing sitecore without TDS anymore” though sounds like one of those advertisement line it does hold some truth to it.

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  1. Thanks for the great feedback and glad TDS is helping you and your team. Let us know at support @ if you have any feature ideas you would like to see.


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