I’ve joined this online course in Coursera that discuss about gamification. Now even though i consider myself a gamer, and it’s true that the course title pique my interest in the first place. gamification is not something you study to make yourself better as a gamer or a game maker.

So what is gamification ?

Gamification is a concept where you use game elements and game designs in a non gaming context.


Major companies has started to implement gamification in their way of interacting with the consumer, take for example Nike Plus. Where you put your running shoes and then when you complete your running it will when have access to your phone or laptop update your achievement on twitter by saying how many km that you take. How does this matter to Nike, well of course it matters to them, they want to make more people run, the more people that run means more people will buy their product.

Taking the course have made me more aware on the gamification concept being implemented on my daily life. I noticed that my current company give virtual points to among employees to increase motivation and productivity. So it’s not just about major companies increasing their sales. It’s about taking the fun, challenges, and sense of accomplishment of gaming to non gaming context.

I’m having a great fun joining this course, and it’s free!. i get to expand my knowledge to other than just hitting the keyboard and produce awesome code  -self claimed Smile with tongue out

For those of you who want to join the course, you can still join as the first week homework deadline is on 9th September 2012.

See ya there.

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