The problem with writing to convey message

The problem is that it could be misinterpreted. I mean even by just talking the things that we meant to say could have been perceived differently by the person we are talking to. And trying to convey the same message through writing could make matters worse.

It’s especially true when the person trying to convey the message does not have the skill –yes it’s a skill- to deliver the message effectively. Have you ever encountered that smiley icon on your favorite messenger ?. that one picture could mean a lot of different things depending on the context of the conversation. it could be a warm smile, a fake smile, even sinister smile using the same icon!.

Or how about the symbol that we usually use to indicate strong expressions, yes I’m talking about the exclamation mark. Here’s how I feel if I have somebody text me a message like this:

Stop! – okay, he’s telling me to stop

Stop!! – okay, he’s starting to get pissed off, I must stop immediately

Stop!!! – he’s clearly stretching his veins in his neck to say that. and I better damn stop whatever I’m doing right now before he punch right through me.

Like it’s said on

The sign used in writing after an exclamation or interjections, expressing strong emotion or astonishment, or to indicate a command.

So dear reader, be wiser and don’t type excessive symbol like this, because that would cause the person on the other end to interpret the message differently.. unless of course you do it knowingly the meaning of those exclamation marks.

Why am I writing this you might say ?. Just have a lot on my mind right now and thought writing some random blog post late night would do me some good. ha!

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