Learning Sitecore CMS

Have to study Sitecore CMS for a couple of weeks, absolutely clueless with it so i ask Google to find some tutorials on it.To my surprise i found very little tutorial on Sitecore outside the Sitecore Developer Network (SDN),  i do however found some nice tutorials by Jens Mikkelsen and John West.

So what’s Sitecore CMS ?, it’s a commercial CMS that uses ASP .NET technology at the core. It’s actually an old player, the company founded at 2001 and has many offices in different countries, so i can conclude that it’s well established company. And here at my company most of our big clients are using this beast  as their CMS solution, so i need to understand how to use it.

Well, I’ll be learning Sitecore for a few more couple of days before actually using it in a project, I’ll post some more if i found something interesting.

2 thoughts on “Learning Sitecore CMS

  1. Hi, Here coding part, how we can add HttpContext related assembly. I tried to using System.Web. But it was not supported. Please explain.


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