How to deal with boredom in long term project

As an employee in an outsourcing company, we do not have the luxury to choose which project that we want to join.

Sometimes the project will run for a month, a couple of month or even years. the latter is especially true when handling a software that’s mature enough causing most of the developers involved in the project only have to maintain the software.

after a few month, reaching a year, boredom will surely creeps in the developer’s mind. this is understandable of course, having to deal with the same thing every day for the last x month/years everyone at some point will have that sense boredom.

as a developer there’s a couple of things that we can do to take our boredom away while keep upgrading our skills.

make a simple project, you determine the deadline, you determine the features, you determine the technologies to be used, make it fun, challenge yourself.

some project may not be accomplished, but that’s ok. learn from it, why you can’t finished it on time, or why you left it partway. is it because the design flaw, poor judgment on the technologies or just don’t have time to work on it.

every thing that you get from your simple project can benefit yourself in your professional life, it’s a valuable experience.

so get out there, and start making your simple project 🙂

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